List down all steps of your workflows.
Like order processing, Production,
Dispatch etc.
Our team will design your workflow.
Once workflow is implemented, each
person of the workflow will get clear
task automatically.
Automated tasks improves efficiency.
If Task is still incomplete,
A Higher level person
May be Owner/Manager
will Be notified.
Every escalation to
higher level will affect
Every task in a
work-flow is time bound.
If a task in the work flow
is delayed, the workflow
In-charge will be notified.
In-charge will be
Responsible for the
Task to be completed.
Mobile App Based
Available for download on Google PlayStore & Apple iOS, it can be accessed on mobile phone/tablet making it convenient for users to track and update business processes on the go.
No data entry required
Saves your valued time with no typing or data entry required, allowing user to focus on other important tasks. Very little effort required in updating each task.
Very simple, a lay man
can use
It’s a simple, user-friendly app so a layman can use it efficiently to complete daily tasks on a timely basis and increase overall business productivity.

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